Program (Draft list of possible items)

Great Divide - Audio/Video [SO]

It's a heartache - Audio/Video [WR]

We'll meet again - Audio/Video [WR]

Pie Jesu - Audio/Video [MD]

Dance a Cachuca - Audio [WR]

Driving through the mist - Audio [WR]

Why worry? - Audio/Video [SO]

If I needed you - Audio/Video [SO]

Purea neie - Audio/Video [WR] - Full Score, Vocals, Flute, Strings, Harp

Christmas for Refugess - [WR]

Let us stand together - Audio/Video [WR]

ABC Song - Audio/Video [SO]

Gabriella's Song - Audio/Video [MD]

Down Under - Audio/Video [SO]

Da Full Rigged Ship - Audio [WR]

Thank you for the music - Audio/Video [WR]

My name is Emmett Till - Audio/Video [MD]

Liyarn Ngarn - Audio/Video [WR] - Full Score, Vocals, Flutes, Mandolin, Strings, Harp

Red Rose Café - Audio [ND]

Carbon is the world's worst friend - Audio [WR] - Full Score, Vocals, Flute, Tpt, Sax, Violins

Across the Universe of Time - Audio/Video [SO]

LOVE . . . BLIMPHT - Audio/Video [WR]

Home - Audio/Video [WR] - Full Score, Vocals, Flute, Tpt, Clarinet, Strings

Can't even say your name - Audio/Video [WR]